Total Cholesterol, in primary prevention of cardiovascular event

Please note that the risk stratification is much more fined when done by your Doctor, as he uses risks scores based on your age, your gender, your tobacco use, etc. Always consult your healthcare provider for a comprehensive understanding of your lipid profile and personalized medical advice. The following is very general.

- Recommended: A cholesterol level below 200 mg/dL is considered optimal for both men and women.

- Moderate Risk: A level ranging from 200 to 239 mg/dL places both genders in a moderate risk category.

- High Risk: Any reading exceeding 239 mg/dL is categorized as high risk for both men and women.

HDL Cholesterol Levels

- Major Risk Factor: An HDL cholesterol level below 40 mg/dL is a significant risk factor for both genders.

- Recommended: An HDL level above 59 mg/dL is considered a negative risk factor, which is beneficial for heart health, for both men and women.

LDL Cholesterol Levels

- Recommended: An LDL cholesterol level below 130 mg/dL is advised for both genders.

Triglyceride Levels

- Recommended: A triglyceride level between 30 and 149 mg/dL is considered optimal for both men and women.

Source: RUSH, Rush University System for Health, Normal Ranges for Common Laboratory Tests , Pages - RMLRangesBMP (,

This data is published for information purposes only and concerns only adults (> 21 yo). Standards may vary depending on the equipment used.

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