Summary of Alerts

With Synapse Medicine's Summary of Alerts component, consolidate all the alerts during a prescription in one place.

Centralize and Structure Prescription Alerts

Severity Level Classification

The Summary of Alerts component displays three levels of severity (Contraindication, Confirmed Risk, and Potential Risk) to easily identify those that require the most attention.

Direct Access to Alert Details

You can directly access the details of each alert generated during the prescription analysis.

Drug Clinical Alerts Visualization

Contraindications and vigilance related to the patient's clinical profile with their prescription are reported thanks to the Drug Clinical Analysis component.

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Highlighting Drug Interactions

The Drug Interactions component provides information on identified drug interactions between multiple medications in a prescription and their level of severity.

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Geriatric Guidelines Component

The Geriatric Guidelines component flags inappropriate drug prescriptions for patients 65 years or older based on their clinical profile.

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Integrate This Component in a Few Days

Illustration Integrate This Component in a Few Days

Improve the User Experience of Your Software

This component can be customized according to your design system and user interface to meet your needs as simply as possible.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Our Components

Our clinical decision support components are designed to natively integrate and synergistically work with each other. Discover our components that function in conjunction with our monographs:

Drug Clinical Alerts

Drug Clinical Alerts

Detects all contraindications based on the patient’s clinical profile.
Drug Interactions

Drug Interactions

Analyzes drug-drug interactions and then cross-checks with the patient’s clinical condition.

Why Synapse Components?

Based on Certified Medical Sources

Our components are exclusively based on official and certified medical sources, such as DailyMed.

Designed by Synapse’s Medical and R&D Teams

Nous répondons aux exigences de qualité et sécurité du secteur des dispositifs médicaux (ISO13485, marquage CE) et du LAP (HAS 2021).

Illustration Additional Features Based on AI

Coming Soon

Additional Features Based on AI

We implement natural language processing algorithms to optimize time spent on prescription creation and improve comfort in medical decision-making. Look for these additional features in our components soon.

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