February, 21 2023

Synapse Medicine and Dedalus partner on Medication Reconciliation

Synapse Medicine and Dedalus partner on Medication Reconciliation
Synapse Medicine

Synapse Medicine, the leading Medication Intelligence technology, announces a partnership on medication reconciliation with Dedalus, the leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) provider in Europe.

The medication reconciliation process compares a patient's medication orders to all of the patient's medications and aims to avoid errors such as omissions, drug interactions, or dosing errors. Hence, medication reconciliation is essential to preventing medication errors at each transition in care and ensuring patients adhere to their treatment. In the United States, hospital readmissions represent more than $41 billion in additional healthcare costs per year according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Moreover, 66% of these readmissions are related to preventable adverse health events such as medication non-adherence.

Synapse Medicine is one of the leading European healthtech startups and partners with top university hospitals to simplify the medication reconciliation process. With this partnership, Its medication reconciliation module will now be the only one natively integrated into Dedalus EHR systems. This partnership is the result of several months of research and development, bringing together the pharmaceutical and technological expertise of both players to improve coordinated care. 

Healthcare professionals using the Dedalus EHR systems will be able to directly access Synapse Medicine’s module. Thus, the patient’s information will be automatically shared between the EHR and Synapse. To get access to it, hospitals will need to subscribe to Synapse Medicine’s medication reconciliation add-on.

"This partnership makes it even easier to deploy the Synapse platform in healthcare institutions. This is a new step, which brings us closer to our mission: to provide everyone access to the best possible medicine," said Dr. Clement Goehrs, co-founder and CEO of Synapse Medicine. 

About Synapse Medicine

Synapse Medicine’s mission is to provide easy access to reliable, up-to-date, and fully independent medical information. The startup, which collaborates closely with the largest French university hospitals, has developed a Medication Intelligence platform dedicated to proper drug use. As a leader in its category, the solution is 100% independent from the pharmaceutical industry and is used today by thousands of healthcare professionals.

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